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Be Kind to Maggie's Feet
Letters / The Anchorage Press / January 6, 2006

Thank you for your Maggie coverage, as always (Flashlight, "Home makeover, elephant edition," December 15, 2005). With snow and twinkling lights on trees and along pathways, talking ducks and an elephant wondering if Christmas will ever come, the Alaska Zoo looked and sounded a lot like Narnia when I visited recently. But who IS the White Witch? And why did she forget the most important renovation on the list: soft flooring so that Maggie won't die of foot rot, as Annabelle did? It was promised, but it seems to have been forgotten in the stuff and nonsense about a stupid conveyor belt!

Sue Scherwin / Girdwood, AK

Editor's note: According to acting Alaska Zoo director Pat Lampi, the zoo is still researching ways to install a softer floor in its elephant house. In August of 2004, the zoo's board voted to make several changes to Maggie's home, Lampi said, and the directors gave the staff three years to make those changes.

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