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Animal Traps
Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 14, 2005

To the editor:

I, along with other dog owners, take my two munchkins out to the river dike for their runs. They love to frolic in the snow and explore.

While one of my little ones was exploring, he came upon a trap. I don't know much about traps but it was one where the animal chokes itself to death while trying to escape. Because I don't know about traps, I wasn't aware that all I had to do was give the wire some leverage for my dog to come loose. With my dog gasping for air, I was in a hysterical crying panic and ready to accept the fact that my baby was going to die and I had to see him suffer through this. God heard my plea and gave me the insight of how to let him loose.

After he received the hundredth kiss and hug from me, I realized what a horrible death that would have been for any creature. I've come across dogs whose paws are deformed because they've come across those traps with claws, and you could see the owner's heartache when telling me. I know we live a state where hunting is part of life--but when setting traps for wildlife, shouldn't it be considered who or what else might come into contact of it or how the area is in affected with the public and domestic animals.

I would also like to thank all the people who we have come in contact with while out on our runs and have always been nothing less than careful and watchful of my munchkins. May God bless your kindness.

Veronica Houghtlen / Fairbanks

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