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For Insight into Wolf, Bear Issues, Imagine Humans in Their Place
Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 9, 2005

Let's just suspend our huge sense of human entitlement for a moment.

And let us imagine the total human population of the world as numbering only in the thousands. The humans are relegated to a few areas of the world and are not particularly adaptable.

Then let us imagine the combined wolf and bear population at about 6.5 billion, covering every continent, taking up great expanses of land and voraciously consuming the world's resources. Imagine these bears and wolves are highly adaptable, resourceful and powerful. They can kill and trap humans if they want. They can make conscious decisions among a great array of choices; and they hold the lives of the humans in their hands, for good or ill.

Let us then imagine that despite their overwhelming numbers and their commensurate wide-ranging use of land and worldwide resources, the wolves and bears still perceive the humans to be a threat to their abundance. So the question before them is to decide if they need to "manage," i.e., trap and shoot, the humans to better accommodate the needs and wants of the wolf and bear population. What should they do?

Andrea Veach  / Anchorage

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