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Fish and Game Department Does Just Fine Managing Alaska's Wildlife
Letters / Anchorage Daily News / November 10, 2005

I see that Priscilla Feral is showing compassion for humans, for a change, in her letter urging our bridge money to be given to the New Orleans relief effort ("Give up those bridges and help make our home planet better place," Oct. 13). However I'm not convinced her motives are genuine. I've got a feeling it's a veiled attempt to halt development in Alaska. For if she had any compassion for humans, she would not be leading a fight to stop our wolf control program, a program that affects many human lives.

The anti-wolf-control crowd always chants the same line -- the program is for trophy hunters -- although I'm sure the main focus of this is food for people of these areas. I don't know if any of the people opposed to the program have been to any of these areas, but if you had you would see there are people living there who are very dependent on fish and game. It's basically their grocery store. For some people to say boycott Alaska, ban wolf control, what would you say to the people in the Bush -- let them eat cake?

I guess a lot of people outside of Alaska might think that we are incapable of managing our resources, but I think the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is doing a fine job.

Joe Reza / Anchorage

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