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Experimental Anchorage Hillside Moose Hunt Wraps Up
Doug O'Harra / Anchorage Daily News / November 9, 2005

Four moose killed, butchered and hauled home to the freezer.

The first Hillside hunt in two decades finished up last week in a popular hiking area above the suburban Hillside with no major problems and only a few complaints, according to biologist Rick Sinnott.

"There was obviously some controversy about (holding the hunt), but there was no controversy in the field," said Sinnott, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. "Everyone did the right thing."

Last spring, the Alaska Board of Game approved the limited harvest as an experiment. Sinnott argued that, if successful, the hunt could be expanded to reduce the number of animals that starve to death in parks or get killed on city streets. Opponents countered that hunting moose in an area known for wildlife viewing was inappropriate.

Between Oct. 20 and Nov. 2, three hunters with shotguns and one with a black-powder rifle each took an antlerless moose. Another hunt will be held next fall under similar rules. He will probably delay the start until Nov. 1 to minimize potential conflicts with grizzly bears.

Sinnott said one grizzly killed a moose and was feeding on the carcass farther up the valley on the same day as one of the hunts. "It was a bit disconcerting," he said.

Daily News reporter Doug O'Harra can be reached at do'harra@adn.com.

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