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Aerial Hunting in Alaska:  'Plane' Wrong?

Alaska Almanac / Anchorage Daily News / October 22, 2005

1996 -- Year Alaska voters passed a ban on aerial hunting of wolves except in a "biological emergency"

58.6% -- Total "yes" vote on that ban

1999 -- Year the Alaska Legislature removed the "biological emergency" restriction on aerial wolf hunting

2000 -- Year the Alaska Legislature re-legalized aerial wolf hunting by private individuals, over Gov. Tony Knowles' veto

6 -- Months that elapsed before Alaska voters in 2000 overturned the Legislature's action and restored the previous ban on aerial hunting

53% -- Total "yes" vote to restore the previous ban on aerial wolf hunting

2003 -- Year that the Alaska Legislature and Governor Murkowski re-legalized aerial wolf hunting by private individuals

147 -- Number of wolves killed by aerial gunning in the first season it was re-legalized

10.4% -- Portion of that year's entire wolf kill that was taken by aerial gunning

11,000 -- High-range estimate of the number of wolves in Alaska

1,516 -- Average number of wolves legally killed by Alaska hunters each year, 1999-2004

31,457 -- Valid signatures opponents of aerial wolf hunting need to get a repeal measure on the statewide ballot in 2006

Sources: Daily News files; Alaska Legislature Bill Action and Status Inquiry System; Alaska Department of Fish and Game Harvest Summaries; Alaska Division of Elections.

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