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Treadwell Inverse
Letters / Anchorage Press / October 21, 2005

Treadwell he fed well the big bears of Katmai

While camping on the trail

One last time he did fail

To see certain danger

Or listen to the Ranger.

Bear headed to the river -

Perhaps it would deliver

Some scaly swimming fish;

That was Bear's only wish.

Then snout it fully scented

Two people close by tented.

The man was "sweetly singing,"

Bear's empty stomach "ringing"Š

The woman yelled, "play dead"

For somewhere she had read...

Alas, too little, too late,

Big Bear had taken the bait.

While the Bear supped, he sat

Till not much left, but hatŠIn

In the woods, the Bear shat,

Rendering California greenie bear scat.

The moral is clear my son:

If you are not fast enough to outrun

And choose not to carry a big gun,

Tent camping in Katmai you should shun.

Treadwell he fed well

The big bears of Katmai.

David Rafter / Anchorage AK

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