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It's a Pity a Voice that Found Value in Wildlife Will Soon Fall Silent

"Bill Sherwonit / Urban Wild"

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / October 3, 2005

I've learned that Bill Sherwonit's monthly column "Urban Wild" is getting the ax.

Does that make it official that the Daily News editorial staff is silencing the last voice that finds value in Alaska's wildlife beyond their protein content or wall ornament potential?

I believe that a significant segment of Alaskans take comfort in the message of appreciation of nature that Mr. Sherwonit brought to his readers. Not only did he write for the nature lovers, wildlife viewers, and photographers but beyond that, to an appreciation of the part wildlife and wild places play in maintaining a living breathing planet that sustains the inner well-being of many of us.

Is silencing this last remaining voice of compassion for nature truly in the best interest of all concerned?

Please note that while I have met Mr. Sherwonit, we are not friends, nor have I had any professional dealings with him.

John Toppenberg / Director, Alaska Wildlife Alliance

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