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A Roundup of Alaska's Murkowski Highlights for Anyone Who Might Still Favor Him

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 25, 2005

When I think of our governor, many descriptors come to mind, such as arrogant, obtuse, apathetic, incompetent -- a long list! For those who voted for him and might vote for another of his ilk, here is a list of highlights of his governance to date. He:

1. Canceled the longevity bonus which, for many older Alaskans, may have been the difference between adequate food, adequate medical care, and/or a roof over their heads.

2. Appointed his daughter to the U.S. Senate in an act of overt nepotism.

3. Attempted to whitewash his attorney general's conflict of interest which, eventually, resulted in Gregg Renkes' resignation.

4. Is, through the Department of Environmental Conservation, still advocating pollution mixing zones in salmon spawning streams which could put at risk many Alaska fisheries.

5. Is, through his Board of Game, still engrossed in radical predator control of wolves and bears and is opening long-standing wildlife sanctuaries for hunting -- much like hunting in a zoo or a wildlife park!

6. Is still contemplating his navel (hoping for guidance?) on a North Slope natural gas pipeline.

7. Is buying a new jet over the objections of the people and Legislature, and

8. Is still advocating roads and bridges to nowhere.

That's quite a record for which to become infamous!

---- Richard Hahn / Soldotna

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