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Wolf Controversy

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / June 1, 2005

To the editor:

In the pursuit of research, Mr. Haber and his "Friends" directly impacted the Toklat pack with the death of two wolves. These deaths are the result of zealous actions. Was identifying the struggling pack more important than leaving them to deal with the losses in their natural way?

According to Mr. Haber and Friends, it is OK to buzz and herd wolves repeatedly at below FAA and NPS ceilings to better their cause. Mr. Haber's actions have a long-term effect of habituating these wolves. Alaskans are familiar with the term "low impact." He should give this a whirl. He exposed the pack's breeding grounds, dens and the exact whereabouts on many occasions in his reckless pursuit of Mr. Wallace. The hunting and trapping was far less of an impact on the pack than Mr. Haber's efforts.
I won't forget letter writer Art Greenwalt. What exactly are his scientific credentials? He professes to have management knowledge. Is this from his grade-school biology class? Information gleaned from his armchair or his soapbox doesn't count. Did he take any history classes with that biology class? Alaska was built on hunting and fur trading. It is Alaska's heritage and traditional way of life; that is why I live here. If he feels the need to "hug" something, he should move to Connecticut.

In rebuttal to his statement, Mr. Caress and Mr. Kelleyhouse have both done their homework. We might as well have Tattoo announcing "Da plane, boss, da plane." Healy and Cantwell residents are intimately familiar with "da plane." We have been putting up with its illegal flying and harassment for years.

I was told Mr. Haber's pilot's name would not be released as Friends of Animals feared for his safety. Friends of Animals had no problem releasing Mr. Wallace's name and personal information on its Web site on many occasions. What Friends of Animals has done to the entire Wallace family amounts to domestic terrorism. These issues are taken quite seriously in these troubled times. Well, this is probably just the espousal of another right-wing redneck, right? Wrong!

Jo-Ann Bellott Wallace / Healy AK

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