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What's Next with Predator Control? State Crews Loading the Freezer!

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 15, 2005

So, Earl Miller thinks we Alaskans should thank Gov. Frank Murkowski for defying the majority of us ("Predator control critics can eat wolf and bear; let Alaskans eat moose," May 1)! Why? Because Mr. Miller wants easy moose, caribou and deer hunting!

Well, if he thinks it's good for Tok, why stop there? Wipe out all the wolves and bears in Alaska. Then, with the state saving "predator control" money, it can buy Frank his jet, and Mr. Miller can have the state air-drop moose, etc. (depending on season and bag limit, of course) right into his front yard (when Frank isn't using the jet, that is).

If you want easy, you can't beat this. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if Murkowski and company paid for a state crew to do the dressing, butchering, packaging and loading into Mr. Miller's freezer; if, of course, Mr. Miller first handed over his Permanent Fund dividend.

With a "mandate" like that, just think what Frank could do with everybody's PFD in hand. Maybe Frank would hire Mr. Miller as a rocket scientist and let him use the jet. With this administration and its supporters, it's a logical idea, no? After all, the only "predators" they aren't "controlling" are themselves.

Harry D. Fox / Chugiak

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