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Responding to Haber

Opinion / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / May 8, 2005

To the editor:

This is concerning Gordon Haber's letter (May 1, 2005), responding to Marty Caress's letter (April 29, 2005) about the recent wolf events occurring near Cantwell during Caress's absence from the Cantwell area.

If you have read those letters, then you will understand my letter better. I agree with Marty Caress's letter, so most of my content refers to Haber's reply.

Haber's letter confirms Caress's knowledge of Haber's circling or buzzing an area right next to Cantwell, drawing attention to two wolves there. The end result was a dead pregnant female wolf and local knowledge that a dark collared wolf was in close proximity to Cantwell, this alerted hunters.

The letter again confirms this, Haber states, "some recent circling I did while aerial radio-tracking the Toklat alpha male and an accompanying female," and, "the incident took place just outside the southeast corner of Denali National Park."

Mr. Haber, from the day he was circling the two wolves and the following day, when he found that one wolf had been taken, and the alpha male was five miles east, traveling alone, to the time the alpha male (collared) was shot at Pass Creek, why didn't he notify the public of the dead female? I think when he returned the second day, he realized what his circling had caused.

No news was good news! Reporting the circling incident could mean the hot seat. Where did the female come from? What pack? Why didn't he report her death? Why no reporting?

Ray Goble / Cantwell

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