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Predator Control Critics can Eat Wolf and Bear; Let Alaskans Eat Moose

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 1, 2005

Thank you, Gov. Frank Murkowski, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and anyone else who had anything to do with the control of wolves and grizzly bears ("State's predator control effort opens Tok area to grizzly baiting," April 6). Yes, you will get plenty of flak from the wolf and bear critics but please don't back off ---- hold your ground.

Critic Karen Deatherage, Alaska director for Defenders of Wildlife, says that the biologists do not have a good idea what effect bears and wolves are having on moose and caribou, that they don't have sound science to justify the control programs.

It doesn't take a college degree or a rocket scientist to figure out that when the wolf and bear population goes up they have to have more to eat. Yes, they eat more moose, caribou, deer and probably buffalo. The same thing is happening on the Kenai Peninsula.

So let's let the critics eat wolf and bear and the rest of us Alaskans can have more moose, caribou and venison.

Earl Miller / Soldotna

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