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Dump Mowry

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / December 26, 2004

To the Editor:

I have complained in the past about the content of Tim Mowry's columns. Now I have had more than enough. I read your paper cover to cover every day. The primary reason for this devotion is your total monopoly. If there was another daily paper, rest assured that I would drop you like a bad habit. Mowry has gone over the edge. He made two contributions to your Christmas Eve issue. The first was an in-depth article about how many redpolls are hitting the area bird feeders. Who cares? I am sure that there is a small contingent of Fairbanksans who are devoted birders. I am also sure that they are intelligent enough to find birder news in the Heartland magazine on Sunday.

B.M.--"Before Mowry"--the Outdoors Page would give you hot tips on grouse and ptarmigan hunting areas. The column was informative about ice fishing data. You knew who was catching what, where they were catching them and how big the big ones were. That is no longer true. Now you learn about Tim's aged dogs, the maturation of his baby, his new house and how many tweety-birds eat his sunflower seeds. No trapping news. No hunting news. No ice fishing. I don't own a snowmachine, but even that news would be more apropos to Fairbanks readers.

When he finished updating me on the gripping redpoll news, he proceeded to attack predator control and Frank Murkowski. I believe the normal readers of the Outdoors Page (if there are any left) support predator control and Frank Murkowski. Go figure. The worst thing about his "poem" is that, as a professional wordsmith, he failed abysmally at matching the rhythm of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." The result forces the reader to stumble through his rendition like a drunken sailor. How long will the readers of your paper be forced to learn more about Mowry's personal problems than they care to know? Hey Tim! Go catch a darn fish and tell me where you caught it and how big it was!

Don Eagle / Fairbanks AK

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