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Wildlife Watchers Bring in More Revenue Than Wolf Hunters Do

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 23, 2004

Mr. Caress, read! ("Wolf control is necessary, and it benefits Alaskans, not nonresidents," Dec. 15.) There have been studies on the wolf-kill program, not just theories. The government is trying to get money from hunters. The wolf-kill program has been voted down every time it is on the ballot.

Yes, I understand there has been a decline in moose. But there has also been a decline in hunters who are hunting for food versus those doing it for sport. Wolves don't kill for sport, Mr. Caress, people do. Spend your time talking to the hunters who believe that they should only have to spend 10 minutes out before getting a moose.

Oh, and another point, the wolves bring in money from non-Alaskans. See, some people actually want to see wildlife in the wild, not in a zoo. The state makes more money from those types of people than it does from hunting.

Teresa Colwell / Sunshine


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