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For the Animals

Opinion / Winston-Salem Journal / December 18, 2004

There are several key reasons that ultra-liberals and people like me fight for U.S. wildlife and the national forests ("Follow Through," Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6).

Preservation of the Alaskan Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge and Alaska's Tongass National Forest as well as Georgia's Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Opposition of "swap-outs" of acreage inside wildlife refuges. This was passed through the pro-business orientation of George Bush and Congress' majority Republicans for the sake of progress.

Prevention of species of wildlife becoming active participants on the endangered species list because of loss of breeding habitat to development of business and special-interest groups.

Unnecessary slaughter of wolves and wolf pups from aerial shootings or ground hunting to the point of exhaustion in the interest of sports hunting.

The next time you watch Animal Planet or the National Geographic channels, thank extreme Republicans such as Gov. Frank Murkowski of Alaska and Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton for the promotion of aerial wolf hunts.

Suzanne O. Wrenn / Winston-Salem NC

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