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Game Board Gives Cold Shoulder to Outside Opinions About Wolf Kill

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 19, 2004

Karen Deatherage's Dec. 6 Compass ("Wolf control programs are ill-advised") http://www.adn.com/opinion/story/5879875p-5792391c.html asked a very pertinent question of Frank Murkowski and the Board of Game: What is it about a wolf-kill system that is "working" when it (1) goes against voters' wishes (2) goes against sound science and (3) benefits only sport hunters?

Another angle I'd like to address is this: Why is it that the Game Board is so unwilling to listen to Outside opinion when the "system" is set up to benefit mostly "Outsiders"? Consistently, people from within and outside the state have expressed outrage over the aerial hunting of wolves. Since a good percentage of hunters in each district of wolf kills are from outside the state, it makes sense to allow other tourists to voice their opinion, doesn't it? The Game Board will hear nothing of it.

What is horrifying is the number of wolves targeted for this year alone: 900. That is roughly 15 percent of Alaska wolves. Let's think about this: If the kills continue at this rate, it would take about seven to eight years to completely obliterate Alaska's wolf population. What is the purpose? Tourism dollars? Goodwill toward hunters? It certainly isn't sound management.

Alaska voters once again need to remind Frank Murkowski who is in charge -- and soon, if they care about another wonderful Alaska resident: the gray wolf.

Heather Whitney / Anchorage

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