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We Humans Must Control Ourselves, Not Wolves; We are the Destroyers

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 19, 2004

I have been following the aerial hunting issue for quite some time and I find it not only deplorable, but cowardly as well. Living here in New York state, we no longer have wolves or big predators as in Alaska -- at least to the claims of the Department of Environment Control -- but we do have some in desolate areas and some mountain lions as well.

As I see it, these animals were here before man and they have earned their right to be here even more so than humans. Before there were any of these laws, Mother Nature made sure it all balanced out in the end. Yet humans come along and throw their arrogance up and say, "We know what is best; kill off some." I would really like to know where it is written humans are the lords and masters of everything. Please don't tell me about the brain thing or the so-called ability to make decisions, because man has done nothing but destroy everything in his path, and to let humans go unchecked is like an avalanche speeding down a mountain: It destroys everything.

I have worked with wolves and they are far above humans in their evolution, as are most animals. They kill to survive and not for trophies. Leave the wolves alone; we owe them, not the other way around.

James Albrigtsen / Palenville, NY

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