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What Would Jesus Do?
For One, He Wouldn't Be Out Blasting Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 20, 2004

I am writing in response to Herman W. Morgan's letter "Save moose (and dogs and ravens) by having dominion over animals," Dec. 13). I don't know what Scripture he is referring to, but the Bible I read clearly states "thou shalt not kill." Period. Does he really think Jesus would be a gunner in a Super Cub if he was on this Earth? Does he think Jesus would reach down and snap an animal's neck? Does Herman really think Jesus would artificially inflate moose populations just so a bunch of lazy Alaskans can have easy access to more killing?

C'mon, Herman. My gut tells me you have more sense than that! And your reference to a "former governor" is also wrong. Former governors were representatives of a democratic society. They listened to voters and their constituents. Don't confuse Outside interest with Alaska votes. (I know, it seems to be confusing to Frank Murkowski; it's an easy mistake.)

Last, Mr. Morgan mentions that he simply wants to control wolf numbers. He might find it useful to control human numbers. Humans are the largest predator on this planet and we number 6 billion. By the way, he is on the minority side here, so expect few letters. Alaskans voted twice to end this, and by a wide margin.

Scott McNamara / Girdwood AK

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