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Don't Like Outside Groups? Then Let's Stand Up, Fight Our Own Battles

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 14, 2004

I am disgusted with this state's continued fallacies related to aerial wolf control. However, I am even further dismayed with my fellow Alaskans who simply sit around, accepting the lies and deception that our government has given to us.

And why aren't Alaska groups outraged? Why are we so quick to judge and discredit Outside groups who are trying to help? Petitions are great, but when your governor even ignores votes, they are not functional at all. When your governor even forces Alaska to face the brunt of a tourism boycott, that's even worse!

Come on, Alaskans. These are our lands, our wolves, and it's our government. If Outside involvement is so hard to swallow, then we must have inside involvement and responsibility.

Otherwise, let's all team with these groups to become an effective deterrent against government-sponsored wildlife exploitation.

Melanie Schultz / Girdwood AK


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