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Save Moose (and Dogs and Ravens)by Having Dominion over Animals

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 13, 2004

As a resident of rural Alaska, and having served on the local Fish and Game Advisory for 20-plus years, I can tell you that, mainly through wolf predation and efforts by animal rights activists, the moose population has been and continues to be destroyed. The result is a tremendous loss of an important food source to Alaskans who greatly depend on moose to feed their families.

Not only moose are being affected. The wolves have become so brazen that they are going into villages and eating dogs. In the village of Chuathbaluk 12 dogs were eaten right out of their dog houses in their owners' yards! Some places in rural Alaska have become like a barren desert since the wolves ate everything; even the ravens have left. Is that what we Alaskans want our state to become?

The former governor had an opportunity to control wolf predation but gave in to Outside interests and did not initiate predator control. Now activists are trying to stop vital predator control. We are not trying to eliminate wolves, just control their numbers. People need to write letters, otherwise a one-sided false view will be presented.

Scripture tells us that we are to have dominion over the animals, not to let animals such as wolves have dominion over us. Save the moose!

Herman W. Morgan / Aniak


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