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Thankfully for Alaska's Wolves,Outside Groups Fight Control Efforts

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 8, 2004

Back in the 19th century, people would sit atop railcars, shooting plains buffalo for recreation, leaving thousands of animals dead and wounded across the countryside. To most civilized Americans, this is a detestable practice, given our advanced, conscious society.

However, the recent Board of Game's decision to allow modern-day "Buffalo Bills" to zip around Alaska in aircraft is far from modern, intelligent thought. Hundreds of wolves will be shot-gunned, left dead or dying across much of Alaska's expansive wilderness. Their carcasses will be all that remains of an illogical attempt at making Alaska into the world's largest game farm.

Thankfully, however, national groups such as Friends of Animals will not sit idly by. The tourism boycott against Alaska is stronger than ever. The media tout a diluted impact, but actual effects on many businesses are real and growing.

This holiday season as you gather with friends and family, sipping warm drinks by the fire, think about the wonderful wildlife of our state being blasted from the air. Your very neighbor who plays with your children could be an aerial gunner -- who recreates by killing.

Send a gift for the truly needy this holiday; call Gov. Frank Murkowski and voice your concern over this barbaric practice. Save Alaska's wildlife!

Scott Moran / Girdwood

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