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Defenders of Wildlife

Letters to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News Miner / December 9, 2004

To the Editor:

In response to the column written by the "Defenders of Wildlife":

Puulease, the same old spin, only more of it. I don't think that the Knowles administration hired the National Academy of Sciences to study the predator-prey relationship with the intent to have them on one side or the other with regard to the predator-control issue.

One can easily interpret the study in favor or not in favor of predator control. For the Defenders of Wildlife to say that that study "disagrees" with the present predator-control issue is pure baloney. If we are going to do what the people voted for, then let's move the capital; it was voted on before the wolf issue. After moving the capital of Alaska, I will pursue the next thing "the people voted on!"

Also, I might note, predator control has been going on more than a decade. It has been going on for hundreds of years.


Marty Caress / Denali Advisory Committee Chairman / Cantwell

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