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Wolves in the Cross-Hairs: Friends of Animals Calls Northwest to Take a Stand

Scott Moran / Friends of Animals / December 9, 2004

Anchorage, AK - Bringing an international intervention on behalf of Alaska's wolves' right to their territory, Friends of Animals has produced a new, 60-second television spot. Created by a team of designers and media specialists from around the world, the television spot contains recent Alaska headlines and live wolf footage.  The video represents the flight of one pilot-hunt team in Alaska. These teams are encouraged, through an official permit system, to take off for the habitat of wolves, swoop low to the ground, and chase and kill wolves.
These pilot-gunner teams have killed over 150 wolves since the permit scheme started up last year. 2005 may be far more deadly for Alaska's wolves, with 580 slated to be shotgunned from aircraft.  The territory for hunters has expanded, and now includes a portion of Alaska that is as large as the entire state of Maine.
Yet these activities occur out of the sight of the very residents who have, in the past, voted to end it.
Now, this will change. The television spot will begin airing throughout Alaska and in Oregon, beginning Friday, December 10, and will run throughout the winter months.  "The ire of Alaskans has stopped a similar scheme before, and Alaskans will be a critical force now," said Scott Moran, regional project coordinator for Friends of Animals. "It is up to us, as Alaskans, to bring this intervention directly to the desk, the telephone, and the fax machine of our governor."
Friends of Animals has also continued the tourism boycott, aimed at pressuring Murkowski to halt the practice.  Various "Howl-Ins" -- vigils that fill the air with the recorded calls of wolves, at which visitors sign postcards to Frank Murkowski -- will be held around the State in the near future.  One Howl-In will take place at the Capitol Building in Juneau, on Thursday, December 16th at 9:00 a.m.

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