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Gov. Murkowski Wants to Inflate Moose Population for Outside Profit

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / December 7, 2004

Alaskans should be protecting the Last Frontier, not exploiting or destroying it. The gray wolf is one of increasingly few remaining symbols of the Last Frontier. If you've ever seen one, heard one howl or studied them, you know how amazing these animals are. Now, more than ever, they need our protection.

While they're at the top of the food chain in Denali National Park, they still have a predator who threatens them daily: Gov. Frank Murkowski and his aerial wolf-killing program. Alaska citizens have spoken out against this cruel practice, yet the governor continues to maintain and even expand the program ("Board expands its wolf control," Nov. 30). It's done under the guise of bringing moose numbers back up for Alaska subsistence hunters. Study after study shows that moose and wolves will balance each other if nature is allowed to run its course. What's actually happening is the governor wants to artificially inflate the moose numbers, not for Alaskans, but for the revenues that are made from nonresident hunters who each spend thousands of dollars to kill an Alaska moose.

Wolves kill because they have to in order to survive. They aren't looking for a trophy to hang in their dens. They are a vital part of our ecosystem. Don't be fooled, Alaskans. There's a wolf in sheep's clothing at the capital.

Wade C. Haskell / Anchorage

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