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Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska

The PetitionSite.com / December 2, 2004


Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska

Dear President Bush,

I am gravely concerned about the Alaska Board of Game's decision to expand their program of aerial control of wolves. I believe that this program is in clear violation of the Federal Airborne Hunting Act (FAHA), and I request that your administration, particularly the Department of the Interior, enforce FAHA in Alaska to stop the aerial gunning of wolves.

[Personal comments]

In February 2004, Defenders of Wildlife submitted a petition requesting that Secretary Gale Norton issue regulations clarifying that FAHA does not allow the use of aircraft to kill wolves for the purpose of boosting game populations. Secretary Norton refused. On July 30, 2004, Defenders filed an additional administrative petition asking Secretary Norton to implement and enforce FAHA in Alaska to stop the state's practice of using airplanes to chase down and kill wolves. I strongly urge your administration to respond to this amended petition immediately and enforce FAHA in Alaska.

Last season 147 wolves were brutally gunned down. The Alaska Board of Game's expansion of land and shoot this season targets 400 wolves in two new hunting areas. In total, Alaska's six aerial wolf killing programs assure the death of nearly 900 wolves this season. These massacres, together with fully legal hunting and trapping, will result in the anihilation of about 2,500 wolves -- one third of Alaska's estimated wolf population.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response on this issue.
[Your name]


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