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December 2004


Take Back the Bear news
Group Floats Plan to Save Railway Moose news
Activists Who Hurt the Fur Market are Partly Responsible for Imbalance news
For Healthy Prey Populations, We Need Healthy Wolves As Well news
Outrageous Political Spin Must Stop news
Dump Mowry news
Twas the Night Before Christmas news
Pro-Life Thinking Should be Extended to Alaska's Animals and Plants Too news
Wildlife Watchers Bring in More Revenue Than Wolf Hunters Do news
No Holiday for 580 Wolves news
Alaskans Show Respect for Wolves news
Game Board Gives Cold Shoulder to Outside Opinions About Wolf Kill news
We Humans Must Control Ourselves, Not Wolves; We are the Destroyers news
Feral Should be Howling About Deaths of Humans, Not Wolves news
For the Animals news
What Would Jesus Do? For One, He Wouldn't Be Out Blasting Wolves news
Friends of Animals Delivers 2,800 Cards to Murkowski news
A Holiday Trail Tale news
Wolf Control is Necessary, and it Benefits Alaskans, Not Nonresidents news
Don't Like Outside Groups? Then Let's Stand Up, Fight Our Own Battles news
Save Moose (and Dogs and Ravens)by Having Dominion over Animals news
A Board of Wildlife Would Offer a Wide Range of Alaskans' Views news
Airplanes Should be Used to Carry Groceries, Not for Shooting Wolves news
Alaska's Hunters Need to Step Forward news
What's Blue, Silver, and Howls? news
Howl-In Scheduled for Murkowski's Front Lawn news
Defenders of Wildlife news
Wolves in the Cross-Hairs: Friends of Animals Calls Northwest to Take a Stand news
Thankfully for Alaska's Wolves,Outside Groups Fight Control Efforts news
Gov. Murkowski Wants to Inflate Moose Population for Outside Profit news
To Help Moose and Caribou Numbers,Manage Hunters, Not Predators news
Eagle River High Unveils New Mascot, Colors news
Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service news
Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (2) news
Predator-Killing Programs Don't Work for Alaskans news
Friends of Animals Begin New York Howl-in to Protest Predator Control news
Bear-Baiting news
NYC Howl-In at Rockefeller Center on Behalf of 580 Alaska Wolves news
Alaska's Aerial Wolf Control Program Does Not Meet the Most Basic Three Requirements news
Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska news

Please Help Stop Wolf Killings



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