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:: AUGUST 2006 ::

Wolf-Kill Program Makes Return to Court in Alaska

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Lawsuit Seeks to End Alaska's Aerial Killing of Wolves, Bears News / Press Releases
Alaska's Lethal Wolf Control Program Facing New Challenge News / Press Releases
Alaska's Wolf Control Program Facing New Challenge News / Press Releases
Exhausting Topic Editorials / Opinions
Two Men Charged in Wolf Killing in Juneau; Slain Animal Likely Not 'Romeo' News / Press Releases
Father and Son Went Bear Hunting; Trophies Were Photos and Memories Editorials / Opinions

Point of Article was to Respect Nature

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When Alaska is Tamed, Tourists Will Have Little Reason to Visit Editorials / Opinions
Conservation Groups Continue to Challenge
Aerial Wolf Control Program in Alaska
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Time Has Come to Get Tough with People and Quit Blaming the Bears Editorials / Opinions
Bible Says God Gave Man Dominion Over Life on Earth, Including Bears Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Zoo's Elephant Needs a Companion Editorials / Opinions
Buy Your Fish at a Gourmet Market and Bears Get to Live Another Day Editorials / Opinions
More on Alaska's Wolves Editorials / Opinions
Fleagle Named Chairman of Federal Subsistence Board News / Press Releases
If You Don't Want Moose in Anchorage, Move to a Place without Wildlife Editorials / Opinions
Concern for Alaska's Wildlife Enforcement Wanders in about 30 years too Late Editorials / Opinions
Stick to the Facts Editorials / Opinions
Alaskan Grizzlies Prowl Close to Home in Bird and Indian News / Press Releases
Before the Election, Some Answers are Needed from the Candidates Editorials / Opinions
Troopers Still Pursuing Wolf Case in Juneau News / Press Releases

Grizzly Displays Sight of a Lifetime

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Wildlife Brings Nature Closer to Home Editorials / Opinions
That Explains Everything Editorials / Opinions
Writer's Bid to Characterize Moose, Wildlife Group a Smear Campaign Editorials / Opinions

Wolf Pups at the Alaska Zoo are Valuable; Wild Populations are Under Attack

Editorials / Opinions
Alaska's Fish and Game Issues are Key in Election Editorials / Opinions

Bush Administration Proposes Regulations Making it Easier to Kill Bear, Cougars, Fox, and Wolves

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