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JULY 2007

Chugach Needs its Bears Back Editorials / Opinions
Support Bear Baiting Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Zoo Not Ready for Maggie's Send-Off News / Press Releases
Bears Killed Not Out of Necessity But Out of Fear, Ineptitude Editorials / Opinions
Animal Welfare Group Offers to Pay Maggie's Way to California News / Press Releases
Judge Yanks Permits for Nelchina Hunts News / Press Releases
Save Us, Please Editorials / Opinions
Wildlife Group's Moose-Moving Plan Denied News / Press Releases
31 Reasons To Move Maggie from the Alaska Zoo News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Officials Say Maggie Isn't Likely to Leave This Summer News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo has Eight Possible Homes for Maggie; Process Complex News / Press Releases
Man Who Dealt in Animal Parts Faces Probation, Fine News / Press Releases
Bear Baiting Editorials / Opinions
List of Homes for Maggie Narrowed News / Press Releases
Ice Age Wolves Editorials / Opinions
Problems Continue with Maggie's Right Leg News / Press Releases
Death Just Proves Bear Hair Salons Not a Good Solution Editorials / Opinions
Maggie's Facial Injuries as Recorded on June 2nd, June 18th, June 25th and July 1st News / Press Releases
Interesting Staff and Maggie Observations News / Press Releases
Something is Going on With Maggie's Right Leg News / Press Releases
Maggie, the Alaska Zoo Elephant News / Press Releases



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