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JUNE 2007

5K Run Wild!/ "Fun Run" / Anchorage, Alaska News / Press Releases
Bear Tales Editorials / Opinions
Comparisons of Maggie's Facial Injuries Between June 2nd and June 18th News / Press Releases
Observations of Maggie Addressing Her Injuries on June 21, 2007 News / Press Releases
A Move for Maggie Will Separate Her From Only Family She's Known Editorials / Opinions
7 Brown Bears Killed in One Week News / Press Releases

PETA Offers to Defray Costs for Moving Elephant South

Editorials / Opinions
To Pursue a Wolf by Helicopter and Then Kill it is Diabolical Editorials / Opinions
Zoos Poor Places for Elephants; Let Maggie Live in a Sanctuary Editorials / Opinions
Maggie May Not Survive Winter Living in her Barren Barn at Zoo Editorials / Opinions
Crazy Like a Fox News / Press Releases
Medred Didn't Do His Homework Before Defending Maggie's Stay Editorials / Opinions
Killer Whale's Tale Demonstrates that Maggie Can Be Happy Here Editorials / Opinions
Bone-Cracking Wolf Roamed Alaska News / Press Releases
Murkowski Rated Top of the Worst News / Press Releases
Feds Open Yukon Delta Region to Sports Moose Hunters News / Press Releases
Anchorage Biologist Warns: June Most Dangerous Time of Year for Moose Encounters News / Press Releases
Give Our Moose a Fighting Chance by Reducing the Number of Bears Editorials / Opinions
PETA Should Help Pay Expenses of Moving Maggie or Stay Out of It Editorials / Opinions
How Do You Pack a Pachyderm? News / Press Releases
Moose Conservation Group Investigated by Alaska Troopers News / Press Releases
Outsiders Think They Know Better, Huh? Editorials / Opinions
No New Home for Maggie Yet News / Press Releases
Elephant May Remember Alaska's Creature Comforts Editorials / Opinions
Moose Calves Bring Bear Peace News / Press Releases
Killing Wolves to Control Populations Unnecessary, a Disaster to the Pack Editorials / Opinions
Moose Calf's Retrieval and Death Revive Dispute News / Press Releases
Maggie May Not Survive a Move Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Zoo Board Agrees to Send Maggie South with Conditions News / Press Releases
Zoo to Move Alaska's Only Elephant, Under Certain Conditions News / Press Releases
Maggie the Elephant May Be Leaving Alaska News / Press Releases
Zoo Board Agrees to Let Maggie Go News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Board of Directors Votes to Relocate Maggie if Certain Criteria Can Be Met News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Board Agrees to Let Maggie Go News / Press Releases
No Decision Yet on Moving Maggie News / Press Releases
Let Nature Take its Course: No Matter How Distressing, Orphaned Animals Should Be Left Alone Editorials / Opinions
Game Board Oversees Game, Not Photo Models; Get Over It Editorials / Opinions
Odd Physics Prove Fatal to 53 Caribou in Alaska News / Press Releases
Bear Encounter Can be Electrifying Editorials / Opinions
Killing of Mother Moose a Poor Call Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Zoo Founder Torn as She Considers Maggie's Exit News / Press Releases
Elephant in the Room Editorials / Opinions



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