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MAY 2007

Poll Respondents Want Decision About Maggie Now News / Press Releases
Maggie Can Head Down South When Alaska's Arctic Animals are Returned Editorials / Opinions
Maggie Staying Put for Now News / Press Releases
Here's What Some Readers Have to Say About Maggie News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Board Postpones Decision on Maggie News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Report on Maggie News / Press Releases
Leaked Memo Says Alaska Zoo Board Ignored Advice on Maggie News / Press Releases
A Look at the Alaska Zoo's Board of Directors News / Press Releases
Leaked Memo Claims Alaska Zoo Board Ignored 'Maggie' Recommendations News / Press Releases
Zoo Calls Police About Demonstrators News / Press Releases
Discuss: Maggie at the Alaska Zoo Editorials / Opinions
YouTube / Maggie the Elephant / Walls of Stone Editorials / Opinions
Zoo Protest on the Park Strip Editorials / Opinions
Problem Isn't the Bears Editorials / Opinions
Demonstrators Want Maggie Moved News / Press Releases
Maggie Rally at Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage News / Press Releases
Maggie Deserves Better Than Living Alone in a Box News / Press Releases
Control Human Population; Hunt Animals for Survival, not Trophies Editorials / Opinions
Mounting Pressure May be Maggie's Ticket Out of Alaska News / Press Releases
Anchorage Assembly Asks Zoo What Will Become of Maggie News / Press Releases
Making a Decision About Maggie News / Press Releases
Alaska Zoo Board Likely to Approve Moving Maggie the Elephant News / Press Releases
Anchorage Assembly Tells Alaska Zoo to Make Decision News / Press Releases
Send Maggie to a Sanctuary Without Delay Editorials / Opinions
Rally for Maggie News / Press Releases
Group Protests Keeping Maggie in Alaska News / Press Releases
Public Cries Out to Send Maggie the Pachiderm Packing Editorials / Opinions
PETA Calls on USDA TO Investigate Condition of Elephant at Alaska Zoo after Firefighters are Called to Lift Her to Her Feet News / Press Releases
Outburst from our Science Guy Diminished Debate on Wolverines Editorials / Opinions
Bruins Awake, Active on Kenai Peninsula News / Press Releases
The Worst Board of Game Member Yet News / Press Releases
Wolverine Defenders Speak Out News / Press Releases
Bob Bell's Appointment to the Board of Game Should be Opposed Editorials / Opinions
Oppose Bob Bell's Confirmation to the Alaska Board of Game Editorials / Opinions
Bob Bell, Wolverines & Chugach State Park Editorials / Opinions
Team Wolverine News / Press Releases
Addition of Wolverines Won't Widen Trap Range in Chugach State Park News / Press Releases
Bears Out and About News / Press Releases
Alaska Falls Short of Kills in Wolf Control Program News / Press Releases
Hunters Learn Tips for Safe Bear Baiting at Clinic News / Press Releases
Weather, Fuel Costs Favored the Lives of Hundreds of Wolves News / Press Releases
Wildlife Belongs to All Alaskans Editorials / Opinions
Alaska Needs to Base Policy on Science Editorials / Opinions
Don't Confirm Bob Bell Editorials / Opinions
Oddly the Hunting Lobby Won't Even Let Non-Consumptive Users Pay Tax Editorials / Opinions
Science, Not Emotion, Should Guide State's Action in Game Management Editorials / Opinions
Shooting our Wolves Would Actually Benefit General Life on the Planet Editorials / Opinions
Wild Alaska Shrinks Before Unseeing Eyes Editorials / Opinions
Bear Man Seeks Balance with all Life, Which Should be a Goal to Admire Editorials / Opinions
Have We Really Found the Hero in this Hunter-Mauling Story? Editorials / Opinions
Bear Man is Disaster on Horizon Editorials / Opinions



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