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APRIL 2007

The Animal Guilty of Overhunting is Lurking in Each of Our Mirrors Editorials / Opinions
Feeding Bears is a Recipe for Disaster Editorials / Opinions
Maggie the Elephant is a Sad Sight Editorials / Opinions
No Bag Limit on Trapping Ideas News / Press Releases
Law Enforcers Fail to Protect Bears from Exploitation Editorials / Opinions
Alaska's Politicians Question Polar Bear Protection News / Press Releases

Man Charged with Stealing Dall's Sheep He Killed Illegally

News / Press Releases
Punish Those Who Endanger Bears and Humans by Feeding Wildlife Editorials / Opinions
Shooting a Sleepy Bear Stumbling from a Den Shows Moral Bankruptcy Editorials / Opinions

If We Keep Slaughtering our Wildlife, We'll Soon Need a Frank New Slogan

Editorials / Opinions
Imagine a World Without Polar Bears Editorials / Opinions
Alaska's Wild Animals Were Meant to be Hunted, Sold and Served Up Editorials / Opinions
Saving Polar Bears and Walrus Pups Editorials / Opinions
Governor Needs to Change Course on the Board of Game Editorials / Opinions
Letter Writers Leap All Over Animal Issues Editorials / Opinions
To Catch a Predator Editorials / Opinions
When it Comes to Managing Wildlife, We Humans Seem to Gum Things Up Editorials / Opinions
Grizzly Killer No Better Than Baiter Editorials / Opinions
Dead Critter is Right for Our Quarter Editorials / Opinions
Article Ensures 'Bear Man' Becomes Target for Hunters and 'Whisperers' Editorials / Opinions
There Was Nothing Sportsmanlike About Shooting Bear Just Waking Up Editorials / Opinions
Fish and Game Operates Under Squeaky-Wheel Method of Control Editorials / Opinions
Trapped, Toothy Beaver Punctured Do-Gooder's Dreams of Rescuing It Editorials / Opinions
If Bears Kill Vandergaw, Feel Sorry for Guy Who Has to Clean Up Mess Editorials / Opinions
Bear Feeder's Actions Could Lead to Someone Being Mauled or Killed Editorials / Opinions
We're Tilting Toward Small Tame Life Editorials / Opinions
'Look But Don't Touch' a Poor Way to Manage Wolverines, Other Wildlife Editorials / Opinions
Mauled Hunter Doesn't Deserve Pity; He Put Himself into that Situation Editorials / Opinions
If Wildlife Managers Want Moose, Why is There a Season for Them? Editorials / Opinions
Trigger-Happy Game Board Members Should be Evicted by the Governor Editorials / Opinions
Pink Slips Should Follow for Decision on Wolverines Editorials / Opinions
Ban on Computer-Assisted Hunting in Alaska News / Press Releases
Taking a Closer Look at the Bear Hunt Issue Editorials / Opinions
Rip Van Winkle Editorials / Opinions
Palin Needs to Commit to Wolf-Control Methods Editorials / Opinions

Brown Bear Mauls Trapper on Bear-Hunt

News / Press Releases
Bounty Hunting is Archaic, Unscientific Editorials / Opinions
Alaska's Game Board Would Benefit with Some Attention to Public's Wishes Editorials / Opinions
Defenders Pleased as Alaska's Wolf Bounty Ends, Expresses Concern as State Targets Black Bears News / Press Releases

As Black Bears Do What Comes Naturally, Game Board Goes Wild

Editorials / Opinions
Unpopular Ideas Editorials / Opinions

A Set Trap Can Catch Any Animal

Editorials / Opinions
Anchorage Should Change Motto to 'See Wildlife Before They Die' Editorials / Opinions
Don't Allow Special Interests to Prey on Alaska Wolf Population Editorials / Opinions
Alaska's Predator Control Program Takes Aim at Black Bears News / Press Releases
If We Can't see or Count Wolverines, How Do We Know How Many to Kill? Editorials / Opinions
Wanted: 900-1,400 Dead Alaska Black Bears News / Press Releases
Public Can Give Input on Trapping Wolverines News / Press Releases
Wolverine Trapping Changes in Chugach State Park Editorials / Opinions
After 35 years, Memory of Saving Trapped Wolverine Still Satisfies News / Press Releases
Celebrity Wolf Stirs Up Passionate Debate News / Press Releases
Wolf Control Policy Editorials / Opinions
Traps Large Enough for Wolverines Should be Banned in Chugach Park Editorials / Opinions
High Moose Population Leads to Continued Antlerless Hunt News / Press Releases
Even the Invisible Parts of a System are Important to its Ongoing Health Editorials / Opinions
An Animal Worth Reconsidering Editorials / Opinions
Alaska in No Rush to Protect Polar Bear News / Press Releases
Take Action:  Call Alaska's Elected Officials News / Press Releases
State's Wolf Hunt Ignores Will of People Who Voted it Down Editorials / Opinions
If the Wolf Bounty Protects Deer, So Be It Editorials / Opinions
You Gotta Be There Editorials / Opinions
Trapping in Chugach State Park Risks Dogs, Children and Wildlife Editorials / Opinions
Juneau Wolf Grabs Dog and Runs Off News / Press Releases
A Wolf Hunter by Any Other Name... Editorials / Opinions
Give New Fish and Game Commissioner a Chance Editorials / Opinions
Let's Set Record Straight on What is Management and What is Slaughter Editorials / Opinions
Wolf Control Halted in Alaska's Nelchina Basin News / Press Releases
Governor Sarah Palin Ignores Will of Majority of Alaskans News / Press Releases
Let's Protect, Not Harass our Wildlife Editorials / Opinions
Motorists Could be Next to Control Editorials / Opinions
Tourist Appreciates Wilderness of Alaska, Not Killing of Wolf Heritage Editorials / Opinions
Many Enjoy Chugach, and Trappers Don't Need to Hunt Wolverines Editorials / Opinions
Animals Have Value Beyond Skins, Even if We Can't Always View Them Editorials / Opinions
Wolf Control, High-Flying Hunters and You Editorials / Opinions
Big Wild Life Means Letting Nature Cull Species in its Own Good Time Editorials / Opinions
Wolverines are as Real as Bears, Even if Bell Can't See Them Editorials / Opinions
Cost of Killing Wolves is Money that Should be Spent on Schools Editorials / Opinions

Wolverine's Beauty is in the Eye of this Delighted Beholder

Editorials / Opinions
Wolf Kill is Only the Beginning Editorials / Opinions
Whether It's in Makeup or Process, Board of Game Must be Changed Editorials / Opinions
Game Board, Palin Administration Disregard Those Who Don't Hunt Editorials / Opinions
Senators in Alaska Take Vote on Polar Bears News / Press Releases

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